Walking For Water

Our Mission & story:

Clean Accessible Water

The women and children walk 3-8 hours to reach this river filled with potentially deadly diseases and crocodiles.

The women and children walk 3-8 hours to reach this river filled with potentially deadly diseases and crocodiles.


Our Story: After traveling to Kenya with Kids for Peace in 2016 & 2018… we could not un-see the poverty caused by a lack of clean, safe and accessible water, so we have dedicated 2019 to raising money to dig a well and install a water distribution system to the 10,000 residents of the village of Mikei in southwestern Kenya. The poverty there is heart-breaking, but they have a chance to escape it, if they can stop walking for water all day every day, and work instead.

WE LOVE THIS PROJECT BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH PROMISE: We have a trusted non-profit organization, Rieko Kenya, on the ground in Mikei ready to manage the project and waiting with an engineering team to begin work. Rieko also also does all they can to help the villagers secure employment, which is available, as well. In the end, the well will increase workforce participation in the area significantly.

We genuinely believe this is a life-changing opportunity for us, for you, and for them. And we will continue to raise $$$ until this project is funded.

Please check out the information on the following pages and visit Sierra’s Well-Wisher page if you are ready to donate. We are running our donations through Kids for Peace (501(c)3) here in Carlsbad and 100% of all donations will go directly to funding the well project. 

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Our Partners:


Kids for Peace

Kids for Peace has generously offered to manage the funds for our well project with no overhead costs. Making you donations tax-deductible and 100% impactful to the water project. Kids for Peace is a fantastic organization that promotes peace in the world by engaging children from all parts of the globe in activities that permanently expand their sense of power and ability to impact the world in positive ways. It is through developing a child’s perspective of themselves as powerful and impactful within the world that the future can be brighter. You can check out their website below.

Kids for Peace Website

Rieko Kenya

Rieko Kenya is a non-profit operating in Kenya, run by Edward Kabaka. Edward and Rieko are dedicated to sustainable improvements to empower people to change their lives in Mikei Village, Migori County, Kenya, and eventually the world. Rieko will be supervising the construction of the well and distribution system.

Rieko Kenya Website