Walking For Water

*Please note that these women knew they were going to be filmed that day and borrowed/dressed accordingly. Also the children in uniforms are from the Kids for Peace school and are not indicative of the level of mal-nutrition and illness from water borne disease in the area. There is another video in the ‘problem’ tab that speaks to the poverty.

*An example of the poverty is when we raised $300 for a 3 1/2 year old to get treatment for a Mamba snake bite that would have slowly, painfully killed him during childhood… we had to give the money directly to the doctor because we were told that the family was actually starving and would have had to use the money for food. We did also manage to help them with a bit of money for food. But this Water Well is an example of one family that would benefit tremendously if the mom could actually work - food, clean water, health care, potential for Brighton to go on to university. It only takes a little bit of money to live better in Kenya. But they CANNOT get any money without clean, accessible water giving them TIME to work.

Our Mission

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Will you be a

Well-Wisher with me?

From Sierra: My Passion Project for 7th grade (along with my family’s 2019 goal) is to bring clean, accessible water to Mikei village in southwest Kenya. A water well can benefit so many people there, especially the women. So I have researched how to raise money and help others raise money to support this well that will completely change their lives. For example, at my middle school I am doing a lollipop sale to raise $350 in support of 50 villagers so our CHMS Kids for Peace Club is listed on the Well Wisher plaque in Kenya. I am also sewing and selling 30 pillowcases at $10/each. I can’t wait to see the difference for kids like Ruthie when we go back to see the well in a couple years! Thank you for reading!