sierra’s passion project

This is an opportunity for your family to participate in a project that can just about guarantee a massive life experience shift right now for over 10,000 people in Kenya.

From Sierra: My family has decided to raise the money to make these villagers’ dream of clean, accessible water possible. I have dedicated my 7th grade Passion Project to developing the fundraising ideas. The well will cost $71,023, or $7 per villager. That is less than a Tesla Model S car and some college tuitions, but still overwhelming. However, I realized that if I can convince 200 people to give or raise $350 in support of 50 villagers, we can build the well! Everyone will not be able to donate or raise $350 and some might be able to give more.

***Again, I/we will totally appreciate anything!!!

support 50 villagers & become:

a ‘well-wisher’

Sierra observing a middle school classroom.

Sierra observing a middle school classroom.

This is the very 1st time Tayson has EVER used paint or made a picture - he was SO proud :-)

This is the very 1st time Tayson has EVER used paint or made a picture - he was SO proud :-)

So for my Passion Project I researched fund-raising ideas, got feedback, and decided to share these…

8 Ways People Can Raise $350 in support of 50 villagers:

1. Send an email to your family and friends describing the project and letting them know your own donation amount and tell them with their help that you are going for $350 so you can be a Well-Wisher!

2. As a Family: Save $100 for 3 1/2 months from your budget. Ideas for saving from budget: cook at home instead of one medium nice dinner for 4 ($75-100) or one takeout a month ($25), 1 night of movie at home rather than at theater for 4 ($60-75), buy used rackets/bats/gloves/cleats (amount varies), buy 'vintage' dress or clothes (amount varies)

2. Neighborhood Garage Sale: let your neighbors know that you are trying to support 50 villagers and see what they can donate. A couple big ticket items plus the rest and you will make it! 

3. School Fundraiser: With an email to parents asking for their support, take 1 week and sell 1 item for $1 for snack at recess, lunch or maybe after school. My school club is selling Ozark Original Big Lollipops (USDA approved for school fundraiser) and we made $350 at lunch in 2 1/2 days and paid my mom back!

4. Art Show Party: Artists tend to be very generous people! See if you can get some donations (paintings, photos, quilts, jewelry, etc) and have a party with friends and family bidding on the donations. Show my brother’s video :-)

5. “Work Well”: Decorate a container with Water Well details, send an email to co-workers describing the project - see if your company will match?

6. Service Orgs: Present to any organizations you might be involved in like Rotary or Elk Lodge or your place of worship - see if they want to be a part of this life-changing project - they or you can be listed on the plaque of Well-Wishers*.

7. For your birthday, ask your friends and family to donate to the well instead of giving presents. (I know, but it’s only one year!)

8. If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate $350 directly, your family can be listed as a Well-Wisher. Maybe each of your kids or grandkids would like to be a Well-Wisher?? Just throwing it out there :-)



1. Periodic, shareable updates about the project development and how these families are benefiting. Edward will be sending stories and photos and videos of well progress and family impact. Share, and teach your children/grandchildren about other parts of the world, or thank your co-workers and neighbors.

2. Your name on the Well-Wisher plaque on the well tower for donating $350. Maybe a listing for each child or grandchild??? We know its a stretch! Hopefully these fund-raising suggestions are helpful.

PLEASE NOTE: We will keep collecting money until we reach our goal. Let us know if you have any ideas for US! Your donations WILL end up funding this well! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!