The Solution

Andy and Edward discussing the water crisis and well solution.

Andy and Edward discussing the water crisis and well solution.

A self-sustainable water well system into perpetuity for about $7 per villager - A Certain investment

Details from Andy: Edward Kabaka, local community organizer and founder of the not-for-profit organization Rieko Kenya, has created a plan to dig a well and install 3 water distribution points around the Mikei area. The water that will be available at these distribution points will be clean, safe and accessible to the local people for a nominal fee that will pay for the ongoing upkeep of the well and distribution system. This system has the potential to unlock the pent-up economic potential of Mikei and improve the lives of its people in countless ways.

The cost per person served is around $7, with total construction costs for the system of about $71,000. The well, pump, and distribution system is a complete water system that will last a very long time, with maintenance costs factored in. The cost is $39,123 for the 250 meter deep well, $6500 for distributing water throughout the school where the well will be situated, and $8,466 for each distribution location. Each part can be constructed separately as the money is raised.

  • $7 per person to prevent cholera, dysentery, and chronic diarrhea and other water-borne diseases into perpetuity allowing more consistent work for the men and more consistent schooling for the children and longer lifespans for all.

  • $7 per villager to allow the women to better care for their children and earn money to feed and clothe them into perpetuity.

  • $7 per person to allow them to travel a short distance to a safe distribution facility rather than hours to a dangerous, crocodile infested river into perpetuity.

Clean ALREADY IDENTIFIED water at 250 meters that they WALK BY everyday

Clean ALREADY IDENTIFIED water at 250 meters that they WALK BY everyday

The project is just waiting to begin at the site of the current Kids for Peace school (a joint venture between Kids for Peace and Rieko Kenya) - the engineers are lined up and the budget is planned.

There are jobs to be had because they are near Lake Victoria (the largest body of water in Africa) and Migori City of 300,000 and on a growing in popularity tourist path to the Masai Mara/Serengeti safari areas.

They just need to not be walking all day! They need time, especially the women and some children who walk every day. It does not cost much to live better there. This water project will dramatically change the trajectory of their lives - and save lives for decades to come.

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