The Problem


From Sierra: The women in Mikei have to leave their babies and children at home and walk about 3-8 hours every single day to collect water at the river that has crocodiles! Not only is this exhausting and unsafe but this river is also where people water their cattle, making it full of harmful illnesses and waste. Water Life states that “115 people in Africa die every hour from diseases linked to poor sanitation, poor hygiene and contaminated water.” This just shows how badly these people need access to clean water.

Equally important is the amount of time the women spend walking.   If they are walking 8 hours a day, how are they working? The answer is they are not. I have seen first hand the poverty that plagues Mikei. If the women can get a job and raise even just a little money they can pull themselves and, their families out of poverty. CHANGE THIS, AND THEY WILL BE HAVING A WHOLE DIFFERENT LIFE!!

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** Please Click on the video to the right for realistic details about the struggles this community faces. This video is for information only. It is from when Edward’s non-profit started their own fund-raiser 4ish years ago. But we wanted to share the video his organization made because it is also very informative and gives more information on the plight of the people.